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First 'Play VR' experience in the UK comes to Rush VR!

First 'Play VR' experience in the UK comes to Rush VR!

First ‘Play VR’ experience in the UK comes to Rush VR

Rush VR has launched their ‘Play VR’ multi-player arena, the first of its kind anywhere in the UK.

‘Play VR’ allows multi-player Virtual Reality games for up to four people playing simultaneously, either competitively or as a team. Popular games in this multi-player world include the engaging action wild west style game “Revolvr” where players become virtual cowboys and have to battle with the Sheriff in their own saloon-style arena.

Other multi-player games are available including titles developed specifically with family fun in mind – meaning younger children can immerse themselves safely into the virtual world.

Rush VR also offers tailor-made packages allowing guests of all ages and abilities to get the very best out of their Virtual Reality experience. You can come as a solo gamer, bring friends, family or throw a VR party, the choice is yours.

To book your Rush VR Experience Package visit their website.