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Four Awesome VR Experiences to Try at Rush VR

Four Awesome VR Experiences to Try at Rush VR

Four Awesome VR Experiences To Try At Rush VR

Virtual reality takes you to all kinds of weird of wonderful worlds where you can race, play, shoot, ride and more. If you’ve not yet experienced it, it’s a truly fascinating activity. We’re lucky enough to be home to Rush VR, a fantastic company offering you the chance to try out various VR games and films. Not sure what to expect? Read a little more about our top VR picks…

VR Cube Experiences

Rush VR has seven VR Cube options for you to try, offering truly immersive one-player experiences. The VR cubes are essentially 3x2.5m squares where you can enjoy some of the most popular VR titles out there, such as Beat Saber and SuperhotVR. These cubes utilise a state-of-the-art HTC Vive Pro headset and two tracked motion controllers in the ‘Roomscale’ VR environment. If you’ve not tried VR, these cubes are sure to blow you away!

Multi-Player Zone

The multi-player zone at Rush VR allows up to four people to play awesome exclusive multi-player VR titles such as Revolvr, a Western-style shootout game. The multi-player zone is also home to a sci-fi VR escape room, Alpha CentraVR. As with most activities, virtual reality is made even more fun when you’re enjoying it with friends, so bring them along on your next day out – you’ll have a laugh a minute and some surreal experiences!

Racing Simulators

For those with a thirst for adrenaline, our racing simulators offer the ultimate ride. With race-style bucket seats on a motion base, you’ll feel all the sensations of driving around Silverstone at top speed. Whether you’re visiting as a family, you’re a hardcore gamer or you just want to do something different with friends, the racing simulators are sure to impress.

The Extreme Machine

Finally, don’t miss out on trying Rush VR’s Extreme Machine. It’s great fun for all ages, offering lifelike simulations of extreme sports, rollercoasters and thrill rides. As well as wearing a high-tech headset, you’ll be stood on a platform that moves in time with your visuals to really make you feel in amongst the action.

Want to find out more about virtual reality and experience it for yourself? Visit our friends at Rush VR – you won’t regret it!